In the Fall of 2016, the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force received a new Drug Detection K-9, generously donated by the Matt Haverkamp Foundation. This foundation has helped police departments all around the Greater Cincinnati area, donating police K-9’s. The foundation relies of donations in order to make this happen and they hold an annual fundraiser in the spring. Please support this worthwhile event by participating or donating.

I am happy to say the Drug Detection K-9 donated to the Strike Force last fall (Jonas) is doing great. He and his handler, Agent Jeff Ruber are being utilized regularly to further the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force Mission



After serving the NKY area for over five years, NKDSF K-9 Kera has retired.  Kera had an outstanding career and was an invaluable tool for the NKDSF and the NKY area in the war on drugs.  Kera’s partner Agent Kappes retired as well, after serving over twenty years in law enforcement and approximately 10 years in narcotic investigations.  Thank you to both Agents for their service!

Kera was located in 2009 at an animal rescue in Winchester Kentucky. Kera was evaluated by Canine Trainer Doug Eldridge (Retired) and Agent Mike Kappes. Kera was a year old Belgium Malinois. Kera was put through a variety of tests to verify she was able to be trained as a narcotics canine. After one month of bonding with Agent Kappes and then two months of training with Canine Trainer Doug Eldridge, Kera and Agent Kappes competed, and were certified as a team through USPCA in Narcotics Detection. As a team, Kera and Agent Kappes have been re-certified and competed every year, always placing in multiple divisions of the USPCA competition.


Kera picture